“Advance” Conversations

Omaha’s OM Center — one of my favorite spots for tea and reflection.

We are all “works in progress.”  Women with BIG dreams, practical solutions, creative power.

Since 2001, much of my work has focused on supporting women as they identify, move toward and fulfill their goals and aspirations.

Leadership educator Meg Wheatley reminds us that all change starts with conversation.  Join me for a cup of tea (or coffee) and an “Advance” Conversation focusing on your BIG dream or following through on a specific project you are ready to complete.

During our time together, you decide the topic.  Conversations often focus on:

  • what’s alive in you, what you wish to create,
  • how to move forward,
  • removing obstacles.

“Do good” and advance a woman leader — you!!!

Initial “boost” conversation usually lasts 20 minutes.  Check-in conversations are usually 10 to 15 minutes.  For our mutual convenience, most calls are completed by phone or online.

Prepay $50 and receive an extra 5 minutes.  Prepay $75 and receive an extra 10 minutes.  Prepay $100 and receive an extra 12 minutes.  Sliding scale fees and payment plans are available.

Contact me at sherry@newviewnow(.)com for details or to schedule your “boost” today.