Supporting growth . . .


There are so many ways equity, well-being, and positive outcomes are being supported in our world today.  Celebrate the support you are providing.  Read on to learn a bit about the support I provide. 

Sherry Helmke appeared among us just as the board and staff of Catherine Place were taking another long view in terms of the sustainability of our organization.  We are on a stronger foothold today because of Sherry’s generously sharing her fine intelligence, talents, wide professional experience, sensitivity and great kindness.  She is the communicator, team player, collaborator and networker extraordinaire.  Sherry believes in and works to create an alternative world where all people are respected, included and free to speak their truth. She acts out of a deeply rooted moral compass.  Thank you, Sherry!  Par excellence.”  ~ Peg Murphy, Director Emerita, Catherine Place

Weaving together support for your endeavors:

  • Fund Development & Grant-writing
  • Leadership, Culture & Program Development
  • Communications Planning & Implementation
  • Special Events

“Thank you for your wisdom and direction.”  Tacoma client


  • Telling your story in a way that matters
  • Working with you to foster collaboration
  • High-impact grant-writing, fund- & friend-raising
  • The brain science behind effective internal & external communication
  • Innovative program development

Innovation & Team-Building

  • Working with you to co-create cultures of equity & well-being to benefit organizations & people
  • Co-convening conversations
  • Living shared leadership, rotating responsibility & compassionate communication

Nurturing Leadership & Growth

“THANK YOU, Sherry for all that you did to make this such a wonderful retreat.  It was a great balance of activities and breathing room.  With appreciation, 2011 Retreat Participant”

  • Discerning what’s alive now
  • Communicating with authenticity
  • Deepening the art of listening
  • Retreats, self-care & renewal
  • Service Journeys/sabbaticals