Interior Wisdom

Six years ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest after living the first half of my life in the Midwest. When people ask me why, I say, “I spent 8 days at a Writing Workshop on Whidbey Island and my body FELT different.”

A wise woman friend Cheyenne Autumn often says “The body doesn’t lie” when speaking on health and wellness. My experiences have taught me that not only does my body not lie, she helps me find my way.

As in the case of intuition, the more I heed her discreet wisdom, the more fluid and joyous life becomes. And, she responds particularly well when I take time to nourish her, treasure her, and bring her pleasure.

For a long time, I viewed these activities as superfluous. Luxuries reserved for “when the job was done” or “the goal was met.” Now, my body and I integrate beauty, joy and sensuality whenever and wherever we can . . . which much to my surprise is pretty much always and everywhere.

Savor your body’s inner knowing today . . . and see where it takes you.

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