30,265,800 Minutes

cropped-nvn-header.jpgAs of yesterday, that’s the number of minutes I’ve inhabited Planet Earth during this journey.  More than 30 million opportunities to live, learn, work, play, rest, enjoy, grieve, serve and love.

I’ve been thinking about this calculation almost daily since last January when I clicked on the memorial video a dear friend’s family had posted.  Filled with photos of her life’s momentous, touching and funny moments, it was set to Seasons of Love, the unforgettable song from the Broadway musical Rent.

If I live as long as my dad, I have roughly 13,359,000 minutes left.  If I make it a century, 22,294,200 minutes remain.  Whether I reach a sum total of 43 or 52 million minutes seems far less important than the amount of love I pour into each and every one.

I’ll always be grateful to this beautiful woman and dear being and her family.  My view of the world and my place in it was forever changed by you.

Love always, Sherry