Called to China


Kathy Nordgren was 18 when she heard about a shipboard university.  She had never been abroad and the idea of learning through travel appealed to her.  “I wanted to go to Italy and Europe,” she recalls.  As fate would have it, the only option was to spend four months exploring countries in Asia and the South Pacific.

Spending time in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Australia, and New Zealand was quite an eye-opener for a young woman from the U.S. in the 70s. “But there was something about Hong Kong.  Walking down the street with a group of students, I realized I’ve been here before.  I’m going to come back,” she thought to herself. 

After completing her English Humanities degree at Seattle University, Kathy made good on her promise and returned to Hong Kong University to study Mandarin Chinese.  The language came easily and it was during this time that she first experienced acupuncture, a 3,000 year old healing practice, and tried Chinese herbs.

At the close of the year, Kathy returned to the U.S. and began working as a medical paralegal.  Symptoms of anxiety and depression eventually prompted her to see an acupuncture practitioner.  Convinced once more of the transformative powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she decided to go back to school and study acupuncture.  Since 2001, Kathy has been a certified acupuncture practitioner in West Seattle.


  1.  Have you ever felt like you’ve been to a place before on your first visit?
  2.  Have any skills ever come exceptionally easy to you?  Is there a pattern to them?
  3.  Who might you have a conversation with about your discoveries?

Kathy’s acupuncture practice includes Traditional Acupuncture, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Healing Bowls, Tuina/Chinese Massage, Cupping, Guasha, Herbal Medicine and Moxibustion.  To learn more, visit