The Gift of Undivided Attention


Mom’s birthday was Tuesday and, in addition to her card and the new Betty Crocker cookbook she wanted, my gift to her was “undivided attention.”  I arrived at her home at 9 a.m. and she planned the day’s activities.

My cell phone was put away.  The laptop stowed.  There was breakfast, a drive through the campus her grandsons attend, a visit at my sister’s, cake and song, a ride to school to pick up her granddaughter, dinner, and a drive back home beneath a shiny moon.

Mostly, there was conversation, listening, joy, remembering — the rich tapestry of us.

This gift won’t show up on a statement.  There’s no receipt.  Just smiles and memories.  As we approach this season of giving, perhaps you’ll want to add a day of “undivided attention” to your list just to see what happens.