Cowgirl in Paradise


Delight sneaks up and surprises me sometimes.  Last week in Nashville, on my way to the Parthenon replica and the 41′ 10″ Athena, I spotted a gray building out of the corner of my eye.

Ninety minutes later, I enter the land of {atmalogy}  Mocha and lunch ordered, I scan the four spacious rooms off the main hall for a place to settle.  The sunny one in the southeast corner strewn with floor pillows and three small randomly placed tables calls out to me.


“Ahhh,” my soul breathes as I stretch out my legs and pull the yarn and needles from my bag.  A deep inner smile fills my nearly 6′ frame.

A good reminder that I don’t always know the magic I need.  And, gratitude — that at any given moment there are magic-doers out there  — just tossing about the floor pillows.