And, the Dance Will Set You Free


I like Tantric Dance because it’s raw.  Alive.  There’s no hiding.  It can be haunting and sensuous. Sorrowful and fierce.  When I begin to move to my body’s subtle inner music, I don’t know what will happen.  But, I do know that as the need to “think” and control drops away, new dimensions of freedom, expression and presence emerge in my life.

In the beginning, I danced only in a group.  As my practice has deepened, I find myself dancing:

  • before starting a new project,
  • when my energy feels off,
  • to connect with my inner wisdom,
  • after an intense or disconcerting experience,
  • if there’s tension or “stuckness” in my body,
  • simply for pleasure.

Eleven years ago, I was told the breakthrough would happen when I “get out of my head, and into my belly.”  Happily, that seems to have happened at long last.

A group for women will be Dancing in Solstice on Sat., Dec. 20 from 2 – 5 p.m. in Omaha. Send a message for details or to register.