The Magic of Musing with a Mountain Mermaid


It’s not every day I meet a mountain mermaid.  Especially one as colorful as Lisa.  We met at The Collage Café, one of my favorite neighborhood gathering spaces.  Our purpose was “musing.”

Noticing What Works

Lisa’s musing journey began near the headwaters of the Arkansas River in Colorado.  A few years back, she noticed a couple of things about her daily planner.  First, it devoted lots of space to Monday through Friday, but not nearly enough to Saturday and Sunday to suit her.  Secondly, she realized she wanted space — a place where she could doodle, sketch, color, collage & dream.

Watching Her Practice Unfold

With a background in printing, she began experimenting with developing a journal where her musing practice could thrive.  In 2013, she realized she wanted to create a musings journal for the entire year in advance — rather than month by month — and the Daily Musing Journal was born.  Once it was created and she shared it with other people, they got excited about musing on a regular basis, too.


Letting My Inner Muse Lead Me

Fast forward to a lovely October day in 2015, when I had the chance to spend two hours musing with Lisa, Patti, Katie, and Lindy.  Our assignment was to muse visually — with doodles, sketches, inspirations, gratitudes — about the week we had just completed.  I enjoyed noticing what rose to the surface of my memory.  What I remembered and what had simply slid away.  I noted how much color I used to capture my week, curious about whether that would always be the case.  Two hours later, I strode home refreshed, rejuvenated, and surprised by the power of a 3″ x 3″ daily “blank canvas” and excited at just how far musing could take me.

Cropped Musing Journal

Email a sentence, thought, doodle or note about musing to sherry@newviewnow(.)com if you would like to be registered to win a FREE 2016 Daily Musing Journal designed by Lisa, the Mountain Mermaid.  Wellness Coach Nina will draw the winner on Weds., Nov. 4, 2015.  Learn more about Lisa at Enjoy ~