Take Stock this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day . . . an ideal time to reflect on life & love . . .

Valentine’s Day, a holiday with complicated origins that date back to 496, marks the 45th day of a new year.  Nearly 13% of 2020 is already in the rear-view mirror. 

What better time to check in with ourselves and our beloveds to see just how much time and attention we are devoting to what we love, what really matters.  To:

  • note what’s bringing us joy,
  • what’s raising our energy,
  • what’s piquing our curiosity,
  • what’s warming our hearts. 

And to, as my massage therapist/zero balancing professional once advised, “Do more of that!”

Express your love for yourself and others by looking at life’s flow so far this year . . .

It’s all too easy in our connected world to get swept along in life’s currents, causes, and concerns and for our deeply-held values and our heart’s desires to get shoved off into the margins.  This Valentine’s Day reboot is a chance to check-in and make sure life is flowing in a direction that serves YOU and your highest good. 

Find some time this weekend to ask yourself and those you love if how you’re spending your days now is how you want to be spending your days.  You may find that you are happily on track and absolutely no changes are necessary.  Or you may realize that there are some” spring is on the way” modifications you would like to make.

Either way, you’ll have given yourself and those you love one of the greatest gifts of all – a path to warmth, peace, radiance and, yes, love. 

Ever grateful,