Notes from the Road


There’s no better place to land for a few days after a 1,760 mile drive than Sacred Serenity Sequim.  Days of driving through Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington filled my eyes and heart with beauty.  Stopping at this lovely retreat center just 88 miles east of the northwestern tip of the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula gave me a chance to stop rolling and get grounded.



In less than a year, this serene retreat center has been transformed with a crystal labyrinth, a meditation pyramid, a yoga space and loads of healing energy.  Retreat center keepers Donna Lambdin and Ron Goodwin are teachers and beloved friends, who have a gift for creating gentle, healing spaces.  Standing by the kitchen sink holding my morning cup of hot water and lemon, I look out and see the Straits of Juan de Fuego in the distance out beyond the labyrinth and the grazing deer.



I feel blessed and grateful.  I’ve come to pick up things, including my turquoise and red bicycle, I left behind when I moved to the Midwest in 2014.  I don’t really want to take them.  I don’t really want to go.  Every aspect of my being feels at home in the Pacific Northwest.  The maritime climate agrees with me.  And, yet, family calls.  My things and I will go back to be closer to my Mom, our daughters, and their spouses.  The words “take this feeling with you” rise in my heart.  And, so I travel . . .