Eleven Words That Set Me Free

I was sweating through a Bikram Yoga class in Omaha, Nebraska a decade or more ago when the instructor gently dropped these words into my consciousness.

“You do your part and let the Universe do its part.”


Turns out, I don’t HAVE to overwork, overachieve, or overcompensate.  When I do, I realize I’m attempting to play all the roles.  A deeply ingrained habit.

In just doing my part, I’ve found the beauty that comes with truly accepting a helpmate.  And, while it may sound funny, I’m often genuinely surprised by the Universe’s generosity and grace.

In an interview with a Seattle NPR affiliate, Maher founder and director Sr. Lucy Kurien described it this way, ” Divine strength was there.  It walked with me and worked within me.”

I woke up a little bit more in yoga that day.  Of course, I still forget and try to do both parts on a regular basis.  It’s just that now when I do, I notice a little faster.  Deep gratitude to my partner, the Universe, and to the wise bearer of these eleven words.  Namaste~

To listen to the 6-minute interview with Sr. Lucy Kurien and Gaus Sayyad, visit  http://kuow.org/post/burned-baby-night-changed-sister-kuriens-mission